DUBAÏ, vu par Thomas Kalak

Nous présentons ici, les très belles photographies de Dubaï, de Thomas Kalak. Photographies prises d'hélicoptère [en 2011] qui nous permettent d'apprécier l'ampleur du chantier. Tout simplement impressionnant.

Dubai is the new In-Metropolis on the Arabian Peninsula, with great expectations for business and tourism and ever changing in its ongoing building process. The photo series taken from a helicopter reflects interesting graphic structures which seem so suitable for these endless, even sandplains. Some of the forms do not reveal to the onlooker and remain abstract line structures whereas others can be identified as building sites, industrial plants or harbours. The scenery could be situated on some desert planet far away or taken from the set of a Science Fiction movie. The omnipresent sand in the air creates a strange, diffuse light effect. The colours in this series are constantly subtle, soft and beige; the photos are a homogeneous composition documenting Dubai´s ambitous activities in creating the future.

Lien vers Thomas Kalak : http://www.polarinertia.com/
Mike Davis : Le stade Dubaï du capitalisme

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