2014 Sony World Photography Awards

Ludovic Maillard [France] | Boulevard Périphérique | Porte de la Chapelle
Nicolas Reusens [Espagne] | Costa Rica

Ludovic Maillard [France]  | Boulevard Périphérique | Porte de Bagnolet

Marcus Bayer [Allemagne] | Bibliothèque à Stuttgart

Daniel Choi | Singapour | Immeuble habitations

Arjen Schmitz [Netherlands] | Shanghai

Axel Fassio [Italie] | Site industriel en friche près de Venise

Herman Van Den Boom [Belgique] | Voisins

Wim Hermans |1st Place Belgium National Award

Theo de Witte [Hollande] | Dwarsgracht, « a small authentic village »

Chen Li [Chine] | My photo "Rain in Ancient Town" was shot in southern China - Phoenix Town - which shows a scene of people traveling in the rain during the rainy season. In the background there are old residential buildings and an old stone bridge.

Vlad Eftenie | Bucharest, Turda Blvd., 41 tram station.

Li Hao [Chine] | Octoberfest is the biggest event in Munich

Holger Schmidtke [Allemagne]

Sean Batten [UK] | The Calm Before The Storm

Esposito Salvatore [Italie] | What is missing? A pusher with his gun in the Forcella neighborhood of Naples.

Iveta Vaivode [Latvia]

Hasan Baglar [Chypre]

Carlotta Cardana [UK] | Mad Couples

Valerie Labadie [France] | Young members of the Saa tribe in Ratap Village, Vanuatu.

Sharon Derhy [Israel] | an "undirected intimate moment."

Sharon Derhy 

Milko Torres Ramirez [Pérou] | A man sells balloons in a cemetery in the capital Lima, Peru.

Turjoy Chowdhury | This photo was taken at Kawranbazar Slum, Dhaka; where people live along with two rail tracks on both of the sides and when there is no train, this rail tracks become their common space. I realized that this place has a lot of visual potential. One day, while returning home after a day long shoot (not having very interesting photos) suddenly I saw, one little girl feeding a kid standing just right in the middle of the two tracks. At that moment the rail tracks were telling me that this should be my frame and I clicked.

Kacper Kowalski [Pologne] | Skiers enjoy the harsh winter in Poland.


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